Mount Bohemia Winter Season 2020-21


In order to protect our employees and guests from the spread of Covid-19 we will implement the following rules and procedures for this winter.

Some people do not have the same concerns we have about Covid-19. We will not argue this issue. Our staff has had the pleasure to serve you as a guest and we appreciate how enjoyable, respectful and helpful, and happy you are when you’re here. Let’s not change the awesome vibe we have here at Boho with arguments over our rules and procedures.

Your first trip decision to Mount Bohemia is VERY SIMPLE:

  • please follow our rules for this season and we can’t wait to see you!
  • or if you do not plan on following the rules listed below…STAY HOME.


A quality face mask must be worn at all times at these locations:

  • inside all public use buildings
  • anywhere in the outside base area and take out zones
  • lift lines, lift loading, on the chair lift, and in unloading areas
  • bus waiting, loading and while riding the bus

Face mask must cover both mouth and nose. No single layer masks, such as bandanas.


  • please keep minimum of 6 feet away from all persons who are not in your family or “safe group”
  • give space to people waiting in food, ticket, bathroom, lift lines


Please do not come to Mount Bohemia if you are feeling sick…fever, body aches, upset stomach, and other symptoms may be potential causes of Covid-19.


We have a computer tracked season pass/daily lift ticket system this year. When you purchase a pass or daily lift ticket you will receive a Q-CODE sent to your email and or text. SAVE THIS!!!

I suggest saving the Q-code on your phone in a quick access photo file and make some copies to keep in your wallet. Maybe laminate?

To get your ticket this season you will come up to our new ticket building and show the Q-code and ID at same time. The scan takes about 4 seconds and is very fast.

Daily lift tickets will be sold the same way. Daily tickets will have daily limits so purchase early. We do not want you driving a long way and to find out we are sold out of daily tickets! Buy before you travel.


All of our food and alcohol sales will be TAKE OUT. We are using an on-line APP that makes ordering/purchasing food, beverage and merchandise fast and easy. The APP is “Toast”, recommend downloading it before you come. Take out stations will be at these following locations:

  • Yurt Café
  • North Pole Bar
  • Log Bar
  • NEW “the Cabana Crepes and Wood Fire Pizza”


All buildings are closed to customer use except bathrooms, bar take out and reserved dinner tables for lodge guests. Please come prepared to base out of your vehicle or personal lodge unit.


  • There will be no rental equipment this season
  • There will be no repair shop this season


Will not be open this season


Many of you will be eating and warming up in your car. Please respect the space you use and clean up your mess.


Camping is limited in our parking lot. Reserve early.


  • no linen on any beds this season. Bring your own as well as pillows, towels, and blankets or sleeping bags.
  • Hostel is converted to a private unit that a single group can rent. Sleeps 10. Called Large Bunkhouse.
  • The INN is a private 3 bedroom unit for a private single group. Sleeps 12.
  • The INN and the Marina have full kitchens and WILL NOT BE on the meal plan
  • the COMMONS is a private single group rental this season. Big Trailside Cabin and sleeps 10.


  • Breakfast will be served as a “bag breakfast”. No drinks will be provided.
  • each cabin will have a KUERIG coffee maker. Please bring K coffee pods and cups
  • menu to be announced soon
  • dinner will be served either:
    1. Take out
    2. Dining room with limited space and 45 minute sign up intervals (an on-line reservation will be provided)


  • both lifts will have 6’ spacing while in line, masks required.
  • you may load double on either lift with a person in your group.
  • if you wish to not ride with someone you are welcome to ride alone.


We will transport 8-9 persons at a time per bus route. Bus routes are from middle earth, outer limits to double chair lift. Bus route from extreme back country will drop off at yurts.


Will be cleaned often. Of course wear masks and wash your hands when exiting.


We are still reviewing procedures for this operation.

Present plan:

  • Daily 11-4 open to spa tickets, and all lift ticket holders.
  • EXCEPT TUESDAY 11-4 closed due to cleaning
  • Sun-Wed 4-12 reservation only for lift ticket holders limited hourly numbers.
  • Thursday-Saturday 4-12 Lodging guest only, reservation only, limited hourly numbers.
  • Very limited dressing areas, be prepared for a mostly out door event.

NOTICE: With this year’s uncertainty, this notice is subject to change.