What is Snowcat Skiing?

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Snowcat skiing is where the skiers and snowboarders ride in a 20 person cab on the snowcat machine and are taken to a remote mountain. Snow cat skiing started over 30 years ago in remote region of British Columbia, Canada. The benefit of Cat skiing is the ability to enjoy pristine terrain with just a few other people in a true wilderness setting. A day of snowcat skiing will likely be one of your most memorable ski days ever!

The snowcat industry has grown rapidly out west but no commercial cat operation has operated east of the Rockies until now. Voodoo Mountain located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula will bring skiers and riders the snowcat experience without having to fly out west.

Skiers and riders board the snowcat from a staging area and then are transported several miles deep into the forests of the Keweenaw Peninsula. After about a 20 minute cat ride you will be brought to the top of Voodoo Mountain.

At the top of the Mountain you will unload and then your guides will help you explore the terrain at Voodoo. When you reach the bottom the cat will come down and pick you up to bring you back to the top of the mountain. The cat is heated and comfortable inside as you ride to the top with the other guests.

Voodoo Mountain is made of four peaks and the property is 1800 acres. This year Peak three is open with 12 runs. Long range plans will be skiing and riding on all four peaks making Voodoo the largest ski area by acreage in the Midwest.

Voodoo Mountain will operate Wednesdays and Saturdays starting December 26th and running thru March 19th.

To reserve your spot in the cat click reserve cat skiing and follow the instructions.