File Your Credentials

If you are interested in becoming involved in Mount Bohemia Ski Patrol there are several different options available.

Please send your credentials to

Different Programs

A – Primary Patrol at Mount Bohemia

  • 10 weekend day requirement per year
  • Full Family Benefits
  • Patrol yurt lodging
  • Per diems available
  • NSP dues paid by Mount Bohemia
  • Contact

B – Guest Patrol of the Week Program

  • Commit to one monday-friday
  • We provide your own cabin Sunday thru Friday AM
  • Lift tickets for buddy or family member
  • $60 per day per diem
  • Breakfast/dinner included
  • Contact

C – Weekend Patrol Program

  • Sign up at
  • Maximum 8 patrol gets per diem per weekend
  • Must sign-in for Saturday, Sat. night, and Sunday shifts
  • $225 per diem
  • Possible patrol room yurt lodging (contact
  • Saturday night dinner included

D – Sign-on’s are always welcome

  • Patrollers from other hills are welcome to sign on with us any time, please call or email in advance
  • 231-420-5405 or

And don’t forget to send credentials to…

Patrol Lodging and Benefits

  • Cabins are assigned to “patrollers of the week” only
  • Normally each of the 4 Patrollers get a cabin to themselves (unless a couple)
  • You are allowed to bring guests
  • At least one extra guest will be provided dinner/breakfast and lift ticket if needed — you must introduce this person at ticket office

Cabins are outfitted as follows:

  • 2 TRAILSIDES: on mountain, with parking, 4 twin bunk style beds, shower, toilet, wash sink, small refrigerator, 2 person table, Kerig coffee maker, microwave. If you want to cook, bring something to cook on deck outside. WIFI
  • 2 INN ROOMS: On lake (½ mile from base), with parking (steep hill), Full bed, fold out futon, shower, toilet, sink, 2 person table, microwave, small refrigerator, Kerig coffee maker. Quiet. WIFI living room and kitchen access changes yearly….as vern for details.
  • Assignments are done first come first serve.
  • When getting breakfast/dinner PLEASE let staff know who and why you are eating. Don’t make them ask.

Pay: both weekend and patrol of the week get paid if: they complete the days and hours assigned. (I have been noticing ALOT of patrol taking off early) unless approved this will come as a proration of pay and possible future suspension.

To get paid: YOU MUST FILL OUT EMPLOYMENT FORMS and MAKE SURE YOU ARE ON PAYROLL SHEET! Do not count on the patrol sign in log…that’s a different tracking issue.

At mountain parking: You can leave equipment in patrol room overnight. The parking lot next to patrol room is for drop of only, then you cross street, park and walk back. Allocate time for this!


  • Get pay and Saturday night dinner only
  • Lodging in patrol room is available, but you must get approved by Vern/Jeff Wolford.
  • Parking is the same!!!
  • To get paid for weekend you must do the complete shifts (all day/night Saturday and all day Sunday)

Patrol Daily Job Description

Please arrive 30 minutes or more to PATROL YURT the first day in order to:

  • Sign VOLUNTEER WAIVER and/or employee forms
  • Sign in patrol log
  • Assign a radio
  • Get dressed
  • Be at lift 15 minutes before we open to ride lift for daily ramp and lift check. ANNOUNCE when open
  • All patrollers must have first-aid pack, Jacket or vest, radio while on hill

After lift is loading skiers, you may ski mountain with these rules in mind:

  • decide which patroller is staying “FRONT SIDE”
  • do not all ride lift at same time, space out!
  • do not all ski the outer limits/middle earth at same time

If you are new:

  • get familiar with trail locations ASAP
  • get familiar with toboggan and trama bag locations ASAP
  • discuss injury protocol with other patrollers ASAP

If there is an injury announced:

  • announce your location
  • the patroller closest to top of Mountain normally goes to scene ASAP
  • the second patroller near the top of mountain stays at Tobbogan hut
  • the others get to top ASAP.
  • once first patrol on scene they give direction and injury STATUS. (if any of the ABCD’s call base for EMS) Make sure you have age, airway and breathing status, type of injury, male/female/other.

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHERE INJURY SCENE IS…SAY SO!!!! It is a big place, we can help you over the radio.

  • Closing procedure is defined by Patroller in Charge daily
  • Follow their direction
  • Sign out at end of day

Closing Procedures

Runs that need to be swept:

  • Ghost Trail
  • Prospector
  • Claim Jumper/Power Keg
  • Copper Plunge
  • Beast
  • Polar Bear
  • Black Bear

Patroller in Charge (PIC) counts available sweepers at 3:30 to discuss with lift manager which plan we are using:

Plan A:

  • 7 or more people, sweep the entire hill at one time. Each patrol announces when the trail is
    swept and they are down
  • Assign one patrol per lift to clear lift line, announce when clear
  • One patroller stays at top triple until all is down then skis down specified run and announces
    when down
  • Patroller in Charge (PIC) tracks announcements and then announces hill is clear of patrol

Plan B (less than 7 sweepers)

  • Double chair gets closed down at time specified by lift mgr
  • Patrol last to ride up Double, announces when off
  • One patrol sweeps chair line, announces when clear
  • Then all sweepers meet at 10 minutes to hill closing at top and bottom of triple..spread out — do not ride up all at same time
  • Corridor is closed, Last patroller rides lift, all patrol meets at top
  • Once the last patrol is on lift, the Triple keeps running for front side sweep (NO customers during this time)
  • 6-4 people sweep Ghost Trail, Prospector, Claim Jumper/Power Keg and Copper Plunge first, ANNOUNCE, then go back up the triple and close out the remaining runs (Bear’s Den)
  • Once the final patrol is off the Triple for the second time, the triple is shut down. ANNOUNCE
  • One patrol stays at top of Triple while at least three patrol sweep the Bear’s Den trails. They
    ANNOUNCE when down and ride bus back to base area. The patrol at top then skis down,
    clears lift line and ANNOUNCES when down.
  • PIC ANNOUNCES hill is swept

Patrol of the Week

  • We hire 4 Patrollers to work our Monday – Friday weekly shift
  • Each Patroller gets $300 pay, their own cabin, breakfast/dinner, a free
    buddy ticket (for family or friend)
  • The cabin is available Sunday night thru Thursday night (early Friday you need to move out for cleaning)
  • Cooking is not available in most cabins, be prepared to: eat out, make cold lunches, cook tailgate style outside your cabin (remember you do get free dinner and breakfast at main yurt)
  • Spa use is offered to you and guest
  • Cabins are available first come first serve:
    • 2 trailsides that are slopeside/ with 4 twin bunks
    • 2 INN rooms On lake with full bed/sleeper futon
  • You have to work every shift from Monday til Friday at 4:30 pm to get paid
  • These jobs are very popular, to check on availability email
  • Please read patrollers job description for daily task details

Bohemia Trail Map

Lift Evacuation Procedure