Operation Plan 2021-22


All tickets will be sold online. Go to our website and purchase daily tickets thru our interactive ticket portal. You will be sent a Q-code to present at our ticket booth. It is very fast, please have your code ready with your ID/license ready also! Our ticket booth will be open daily…or a sign in front will tell you the places to get your ticket. I suggest making a copy of the Q-code ticket in case your phone dies.


Face Mask will be required while riding our buses. We also recommend wearing them inside areas such as bathrooms and busy buildings. Do not forget to bring your mask.

Other policies may have to be reviewed as Covid numbers go up or down, we will post new ones as things change.


Presently all buildings will be open for public.

A mobile phone is the only way to order drinks and food again this year.

Please download the APP: TOAST TAKE OUT before you come up here this season. It is very fast, it gives you amazing purchase credits, and you can order while you are mobile, such as from your cabin, riding lift, walking around base area.

Our dining rooms and bars will be open this season.

Presently we intend to offer:

  • Breakfast Crepes daily in the main yurt from 9-11 am M-F and 8:30-11 S/SUN
  • Pizza daily in the Cabana from 11:45-2:30 and some evenings
  • Lunch menu
    • Mon-Wed Pizza and Deli foods in Cabana
    • Thurs-Sunday New hot lunch menu served in main yurt
    • From 11:45-2:30. Also Pizza and Deli in Cabana.
  • Dinner served in Main yurt with new menu items from 5:30-8 PM


We intend to open our Bars daily.

  • North Pole Bar: 9:30 am- 12 midnight (til 2 AM fri-Sat)
  • Log Bar: 11am- 12 midnight (til 2 AM Fri-Sat)


We will have Nordic Spa open 11 am- 12pm daily.

All lift ticket holders and winter Spa pass holders and day users will be able to use Spa without restrictions.

Steam room may have restrictions.

Please plan on limited dressing areas…suggest warm robe, towel and slip on shoes.


We will not have a rental/repair shop this season. Please come prepared to fix binding and ski/board issues.


Buses will operate on normal capacity this season. You will be required to wear a mask while on the bus.


We plan to operate both lifts daily this season. Staffing could change that plan.

You will not be required to wear masks while loading and riding the lift.


No mask requirements around base area this season. No smoking except in smoking areas please.


The Hostel will be back to rental of single beds this year.

All cabins will not have linen or towels again this season.

All cabins except The Inn and Marina will get a Dinner per person with the rental. BREAKFAST IS NOT INCLUDED this season.

Dinner will be served in main yurt in reserved times: 5:30-6:30/6:30-7:30/7:30-8:30 Reservation sign up daily at the log bar and file dietary needs at this time also.


Voodoo Mountain will operate this season, you can book single seat or whole cat on-line on our web site. Due to the close proximity while in the sno-cat, all participants will be Covid tested that morning.