How to Reserve Cat Skiing

mount bohemia cat skiing Please click the button below to reserve cat skiing.

You will see a calendar. Pick the date of cat skiing and then make sure you pick one night(day) in the calendar box and then pick one guest (even if you are going with more people). Then hit check now. From here it should show you how many cat seats are open for that date. If you only see hostel space then it means the cat is booked for that date. PLEASE REMEMBER IF IT SHOWS NOTHING AVAILABLE MAKE SURE YOU DID NOT PICK 2 NIGHTS OR 2 OR MORE GUESTS BY ACCIDENT. Once you see the cat spots available pick one (reserve now) and then follow the prompts. If you are reserving for more than one person please just repeat the process. It will go fast as autofill should work for your computer. You should receive a email confirmation upon booking.