Current Conditions

DATE April 14

Update friday

Snowfall Last 24 Hours: 0inches

Snowfall Last 7 Days:0 inches

Snowfall YTD: 245 inches

Sadly our last day was april 9th

Nordic spa will reopen for weekends starting next weekend april 22nd

pizza cabana will be serving drinks and pizza

Next weekend as well






expect some obstacles especially in backcountry




remember expect  hidden obstacles underneath . Ride / ski with caution more than usual.

Bohemia has  with over 100acres of terrain open

Sections Status

Front Side -40% open

Pirates Cove -100% open

Haunted Valley -100% open

Bear Den – closed

Outer Limits – closed

Middle Earth – closed

Outback -30% open remember no bus stay left

Extreme Backcountry – closed

Tommyknockers -100% open- maybe

Badlands – 100% open- maybe

Bohemia Bluffs -100% open- maybe

Little Boho – closed

Please remember we do not groom. Obstacles can and do exist.