Cat Skiing Terrain & Trail Map

voodoo mountain trailmap Voodoo Mountain is mostly north facing terrain. The top third is open glade skiing ( trees spaced out) and the bottom two thirds is wide open runs overlooking Lake Superior. The terrain at Voodoo is not nearly as steep nor as technical as Bohemia. A solid intermediate skier or rider should be able to enjoy themselves at Voodoo. Keep in mind you could be in deep powder so you will want to have the right equipment so it is strongly encouraged to consider renting at Bohemia if you are concerned.

  • Vertical –  700 feet
  • Snowfall – close to 300 inches
  • Number of Peaks – 4
  • Number of peaks being used in 2015-2016 – 1
  • Total acreage – 1800 acres
  • Total acreage for 2015-2016 – 125 acres