3rd Party Retailers Program

Mount Bohemia is excited to announce a third party retailers program that partners with stores to sell Mount Bohemia merchandise.

Mount Bohemia will provide merchandise at no cost to any brick and mortar store within 45 miles of the ski resort. Only when the retailer sells merchandise is any money owed to Mount Bohemia. The two parties split the profits after the cost of the merchandise is covered.

Any unsold merchandise goes back to Mount Bohemia and the retailer has no cost on any unsold merchandise.

The benefits to the retailer are several things:

  • Retailer has no cost to acquire merchandise
  • It can sell official Mount Bohemia merchandise
  • Retailer only pays back the cost when the item is sold, and it gets 50 percent of the profits with no downside risk of the cost of unsold merchandise

Any store interested please fill out our contact form.