Current Conditions

Mount Bohemia snow report for the week of March 20th

updated March 24rd Friday

snowfall past 24 hours – 1.5 inches

snowfall past 7 days- 5.5 inches

snowfall total this season- 268inches

Number of runs open 80 out of 107

We got a little wet heavy snow last night and conditions were actually pretty nice today. Tomorrow ( Saturday) will be a good day of skiing with soft snow and a lot of fun. See below for conditions in each section

Ok so this weekend looks like mid 30s so decent spring skiing. Expect to use caution as there are some obstacles but many areas have good base see below

Best conditions are found in Outer limits, Middle Earth, and Bear Den. Expect obstacles on many of the runs.

Haunted Valley- Well covered with soft snow on right side ( bad Seed , Smiling Zombie)

Graveyard- best coverage on the mountain with powder like conditions

Outback- still feels like winter here, well covered

Middle Earth – Well covered with good snow on top 2/3 , bottom has good coverage overall but watch for a few obstacles near the very bottom

Outer Limits- Good coverage on top half, Jupiter and Asteroid are in good shape, use caution on Saturn, Uranus, and expect obstacles on Black Hole. Bottom headwalls of Outer limits use caution

Bear Den- Black Bear is good up top with just a few weak spots, Top of Polar bear and Beast are very well covered. Bottom of Polar Bear is rocky , stay far right on lower Beast as it is decent but getting narrow but left side not so good. Bottom of Black bear has some obstacles.

Tommy knockers/Badlands- ok with obstacles mixed throughout

Front side- very top is wind blown and rocky but bottom 80% is pretty decent. TNT glades are in pretty good shape

Extreme back country – closed

This is a generalization so there still can always be an unmarked obstacle even in a good snow section. Always ski with caution. And remember conditions can change fast in the spring so always look ahead.


expect obstacles in many of the usual weak spots


Open with over 580 acres of terrain with everything opening including the Extreme backcountry .

closed areas are cliff area in the middle of backcountry